Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bellydance Superstar Visits Manila!

I got so excited the first time I heard that someone was bringing in the Bellydance Superstars in Manila. World famous bellydancers don't usually come to Manila. This is precisely why a lot of us Manila-based dancers travel to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and China to attend workshops. So when That's D Pointe announced that Moria and Petite Jamilla were coming over, I immediately thought of all the money I will save -- no more airplane rides to enjoy a workshop.

So on August 6, we booked Moria for a private workshop (my first time to book someone for a private workshop. I usually attend the public classes). Petite Jamilla wasn't able to make it because of a family emergency. That's ok though, one teacher is better than none at all!

Moria taught us a tribal fusion choreography. The muscle work was difficult, but it's learn-able with a lot of patience and strength training.

On August 8, we attended a hafla with the workshop participants, with of course, Moria as the special guest.

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