Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rajiv's 25th Birthday, March 20, Manila Yacht Club

This guy knows how to celebrate "quarter life" with a "splash". His secretary called me to ask about my availability, then passed the phone to Rajiv. We talked for a few minutes, he promised to call back soonest, and after 5 minutes, the phone rings -- and voila! I'm booked! Efficient, decisive and as he calls himself -- "obsessive compulsive".

I met him over coffee a few days before the party to discuss the event. He briefed on what will be happening (party at a yacht with a Mediterranean theme, catering by Persia grill, he hired a DJ, fireworks, etc.), something that a lot of clients don't immediately discuss with me unless I ask. Like I said, this guy is efficient, and I'm liking it.

Fun party overall. My show finished before the yacht sailed around the bay, so I wasn't able to witness how much fun they had. Happy Birthday Rajiv!

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