Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tabi Tabi Choreography - the first half

My New Year's resolution was to keep a video archive of my choreographies. It's such a shame not to record them, because I completely forget each choreography after a month or so. I wish I had done this sooner! It would've been great to see how sucky my previous choreographies were. :p

This is especially useful if I want to re-use or re-hash these for future use. It's also great for students, because they're able to see and monitor their progress (this works for my technique for the same reason too!).

So here's the first half of Tabi-Tabi. Watch out for the complete choreography in the coming weeks.

*Note: This class is a mixed level class. Some have been taking my class for years, and some have been taking my class for 4 sessions. So you might notice that some are more comfortable with the movements than others. But like I always say, we'll all get there!


Anonymous said...

ms. kat, please post your choreography for ringa ringa. i fell in love with the dance and the music the first time i saw you dancing with the adb girls.

~lucy~ (adb-pt)

Kat said...

Hi Lucy,

There's a video of Ringa Ringa here, for my Gold's class:

Join ka next time :)