Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girls Got Game Camp, May 17, Blue Eagle Gym - Ateneo

Aaah, nice to be back in Katipunan. After so-so number of years, I get to go back to Ateneo for another activity for the Nike "This is Love" campaign. It's a privelege to give something back to an institution that has given me so much (I actually started dancing seriously during my days in this university). Mico Halili, sportscaster and visionary extraordinaire, founded the Girls Got Game Camp (3G), a basketball camp for high school girls. You should listen to Mico talk about his effort of uplifting sports training for women. It's truly inspiring.

My job was to give these athletes a short demo on bellydancing during the camp and give them a talk about my passion for dance. I know, basketball and bellydancing do not go together. But the goal was to make them aware of other activities they can pursue. The grace of dance will be helpful for them to bring in the court.

It wasn't easy for me, because these were hardcore basketball buffs. I didn't know how to make them relate to Middle Eastern dance. I don't play basketball, and a lot of these girls don't do the dance thing. So I told them that we had a common denominator, that is passion for what we do.

The demo was a riot, because this was a bunch of rowdy girls. I had fun, and it looked like they did too (I hope!).

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