Monday, February 12, 2007

Larry's Bar and Cafe at Serendra, January 11

We're back in business after the holidays. Larry's Bar and Cafe at Serendra (Fort Bonifacio) had its launch on January 11. The event had a "world" theme to introduce their global menu. There was a bossa nova band (Brazilian cuisine), an Indian band (Indian cuisine), and of course, belly dancers (Arabic cuisine)! The performance was followed by an inteview with Ketchup Eusebio for Studio 23's show "It's a Guy Thing", where we were chosen as the "I Pick U" chicks of the night. Riiiiiiiiight.

Lala, Kat, Yen and Rosanna.

Yen does the McDo pose.

Group shot.

Kat doing the hip drop.

Veil dance.

Arms up! Buti na lang nag-shave!

The painful cane trick.

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