Thursday, October 19, 2006

ETC/Jack TV Boracay Summer Shindig (April 28, 2006)

The gang got booked for a show for Solar Entertainment cable channels ETC and Jack TV at Plazoleta in Boracay. Some of the girls flew to the island a day before the show, while me and Justine had to fly only few hours before the show because of prior commitments.

Belly dancers Kaye, Kat, Justine, Yen, Mons and Ros at Boracay.

Yen, Kaye, Mons and myself at Plazoleta before the show.

The pre-show standard pose. The show called for a "beach" atmosphere middle-eastern look, which explains the bikini tops paired with the dance skirts.
Standing (from L-R): Justine, myself, Yen, Mons, Kaye. Kneeling (from L-R): Ros and Drinie. Belly dancers at Boracay.

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